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Wembley Tennis Club

Welcome to the new Wembley Tennis Club, a haven for tennis players, tennis newbies, aspiring champions and families. We have 3 brand new seaview tennis courts, with floodlights, a large clubhouse, changing facilities and a children’s playground. Our Head Coach, Sacha Appleton, is creating a first class development and social centre for you. You can choose to join the new childrens tennis academy, adults lessons, social tennis or /& club membership.

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Tennis Academy Group Schedule

All these different colours may sound confusing, but it is an Internationally recognised programme designed to make tennis easily accessible to young children …

Each colour is for a different type of ball that has been designed to bounce at the correct height for your child. This is combined with smaller courts and tennis racquets to help children get to grips with technique faster and start to play games of actual tennis sooner and even tournaments. This is much more fun for your child and gives them a sense of achievement and promotes a love for the sport.

As your child and their playing skill develops, they will progress from stage to stage designated by the 4 types of balls. The ages mentioned are a guideline only as it depends on the individual child & their playing level:

  • Red (Stage 3) ages 6-8
  • Orange (Stage 2) ages 7-9
  • Green (Stage 1) ages 9-15
  • Yellow ( which are the adult balls we’re all familiar with) ages 12-18

If you’re still not sure which is the correct level is correct for your child, please click on the button below to reserve your FREE tennis skills assessment.

Please note that the schedule may be subject to change & further classes  added according to demand. If there is not a class appropriate for you, please send a request to [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Tennis Academy Group Sign Up


6-8 Years Old
45 Monthly
  • Young Beginners
  • Mini court / Stage 3
  • 30 mins to 1 hour
  • 1x or 2x week options
One Level


7-9 Years Old
45 Monthly
  • Older Beginners / Adv Beg
  • 60% of Full Court / Stage 2
  • 1 hour sessions
  • 1x or 2x week options


9-15 Years Old
45 Monthly
  • Teenagers / Adv Beg
  • Full Size Court / Stage 1
  • 1 hour sessions
  • 1x or 2x week options
Two Levels


12-18 Years Old
45 Monthly
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Fine Tune Skills
  • 1 hour session
  • 1x week option
One Level

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Individual Tennis Coaching

It’s up to you whether you wish for individual or group coaching, or a blend of both. Within group sessions, we will endeavour to tailor the lessons for all those taking part, but obviously one-one coaching provides more scope to do so. You may decide to only have individual lessons to really progress as quickly as possible, or you may have group lessons, but supplement it it with regular individual sessions to work on specific aspects of your game.

If you are having individual coaching, we will also provide opportunities for you to meet and play with other pupils so that you can apply what you are learning. This will help you to make the best out of your lessons.

Individual lessons can be from 1-2 hours long, depending on your requirements and fitness levels and can be from complete beginners through to advanced players.

Lessons will include a blend of fitness, tennis skills & techniques, drills, tactics and mental training. More in-depth fitness, nutrition and mental training are available.


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Tennis Coach

Sacha Appleton

PTR, RPT & ITF trained

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